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  • Can the privileges be purchased separately through SEVEN?

    The way The Protection Group can offer such a low price is by combining these privileges into a Group Benefit Plan. To take advantage of the low cost, the privileges of SEVEN can only be purchased together.

  • How is it possible to receive all of these benefits at such a low cost?

    We are able to provide all of the privileges of SEVEN at one low price as a result of our ongoing relationships with our Strategic Alliances. Through many years of enrollment experience, we receive tremendous group benefit discounts for our products, and we are pleased to be able to extend those discounts to you.

  • Who will be collecting my payment?

    Your membership fee will appear as a charge from The Protection Group on your credit card statement. Please keep in mind that our online enrollment form is secured through SSL technology and all of your information is protected.

  • Are there any other fees associated with my SEVEN membership?

    There are no other fees associated with your membership. Enjoy all of the privileges of SEVEN for just one low price.

  • Should I raise my auto insurance deductible?

    Raising your primary auto insurance’s deductible is the easiest way to lower your premium and save you money. With SEVEN, you can confidently raise your deductible and lower your insurance premium.

  • Is there a waiting period for using the benefits after becoming a member of SEVEN?

    No, there is no waiting period; you have the benefit of all the privileges of SEVEN as soon as you join.

  • What if I already have prescription insurance?

    SEVEN’s Rx Savings benefit will often cover medications that your insurance plan doesn’t. Many times, using the Rx Savings benefit in place of your insurance plan provides you greater savings. SEVEN’s RxSavings Plus card can be used for both brand-name and generic medications.